Building channels, audiences, and brands through interesting, honest, and clever work.

My beard is not always this long.

My beard is not always this long.


Conal Pierse

I’m a content strategist and event planner with a background in journalism and science.

For the past five years I worked at BioWare, a world-renowned videogame studio.

As community manager, I oversaw the creative direction for their studio branded social channels and live events schedule. Along with my team, I created regular multimedia content, developed communication strategies, and planned appearances at major conventions across North America.

I believe in open and transparent communication, and developing a personal relationship with your audience through interesting, creative, and engaging content that embraces what they love and value in your products.

I also not afraid to take risks and try new things, and have been involved in everything from rescuing wild geese to building life-size replicas of eight foot tall armored exosuits.




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