10 Years of Mass Effect

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the launch of beloved videogame franchise, Mass Effect, I produce a retrospective short documentary.

Working with studio leadership, I identified key subjects and scheduled interviews across two locations, Los Angeles, California, and Edmonton, Alberta. I conducted research and prepared questions for all of the subjects, and arranged for a crew to film in LA, while myself and my direct report set up the shoot in Edmonton. On set I ran audio and conducted interviews.

Afterward I worked with an in-house team to source b-roll and archival footage. I then edited the final piece for release, working with studio executive on approvals.


Hard In Hightown

In order to promote an upcoming book, I put together this commercial starring Brian Bloom (Call of Duty, Dragon Age).

Working with the author, I developed the concept and wrote a script. I then worked with my videographer to come up with a treatment and arranged for studio time and an external lighting specialist.

On set I was the director and oversaw audio. I also edited the final piece and worked with studio leadership and our licensed partners on the release.


Explorers Wanted Contest

This humorous short was created to promote a global English-language competition.

I worked with my team to come up with the concept and art direction, and then I wrote the script. We then did location scouting and sourced a wardrobe and props for the shoot.

On set I worked with my videographer (who stars in the short) on framing, and then operated the camera. I then arranged voiceover for the final piece and edited it. I also worked with our legal team on approvals and requirements for the release.


True Stories of BioWare Heartbreak

This web short tapped into the passion and nostalgia of die-hard fans as a series of faux-testimonials.

I researched and wrote the script, and then hired several local comedians to perform. I also rented a studio and arranged for gear transport and set up.

On set I oversaw audio and acted as director. I also edited the final piece.


Dressing Up Your Dressing Downs

This video starring Indira Varma (Game of Thrones, Rome) was part of a two-day shoot in London. I worked with our casting director to set up a series of interviews and short videos and hired a local videographer to film on set.

In addition to production planning, I also wrote, directed, and recorded audio for the short. I also edited the final piece.

As a result of careful planning and organization, we were able to produce five videos from the single-day shoot, generating more than 600k views for our newly established channel.